Memories from 1984 (not the book but Four in Legion)

Those of us who came up in the late 1970s and 80s in Florida, from Tampa to Tallahassee, and enjoyed the local music scene will no doubt have fun memories of Four-in-Legion. I first saw Four-in-Legion at Bullwinkle’s in Tallahassee (although if memory serves me right, they were originally going as The Vandals). The college music scene during that period was strong and vibrant with bands like Slapstick (later John Kurzweg and the Night) along with The Producers and Four in Legion all seemed on the verge of making a big splash (all were eventually signed in one form or another with The Producers achieving the greatest success).
At any rate, Four in Legion’s 1984 album is a fabulous record found only in vinyl, with four or five strong songs featuring a creative blend of solid rock sounds with a touch of funk. Tampa folks will recognize the pictures of Busch Gardens on the cover. Guitarist Ziggy Luis (a 1977 graduate of Tampa’s Jefferson High School) was the center piece of the band. He later went on to form Ziggy and the Zigtones.
Below are several links to some of my favorite songs. Enjoy.
Party in My Pants
The Jungle

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